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INTERVIEW. Economist Natalia Zubarevich explains why the Western sanctions decided upon after the invasion of Ukraine still have little effect on the Russian population.

Interview in Moscow by Anne Nivat

Reading time: 11 mins

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NOTAtalia Zubarevich, 68, is a doctor of geography and professor of economics at Lomonosov Moscow State University. Since the Russian military invasion in Ukraine, the expert has multiplied interventions in Russian opposition media (but never on state channels), always relying on precise official statistics.

Point : Sanctions against Russia do they have an impact?

Natalia Zubarevich : Yes. Since the introduction of sanctions against banks in the spring of 2022, the central bank and the Ministry of Finance have managed to stabilize the market within two weeks, but the ruble has lost its convertibility, this is a consequence of the sanctions . When we sell oil to India, we receive rupees! What we’re going to do with it isn’t…

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