In mourning, she wants the compulsory vaccination of caregivers

An immunocompromised man was infected with the coronavirus in hospital. Following his death, his family requests that the vaccination obligation be put in place for caregivers.

Fabien Cohen-Ganouna was hospitalized at Henri-Mondor hospital in Créteil in the spring. Suffering from a simple hip fracture, the 76-year-old man is placed in a sanitary bubble so that he is not affected by the coronavirus, because he is immunosuppressed. However, a month after his arrival, he tested positive for Covid-19. He is showing symptoms after he himself had received his two shots of the vaccine against the disease. Three weeks later, at the beginning of May, he died, his daughter, Johanna, tells Parisian.

For this pharmacy preparer and her family, it is obvious that Fabien Cohen-Ganouna would not have been contaminated by Covid-19 if he had not been in contact with unvaccinated caregivers. She therefore decided to take legal action and address himself to Jean Castex, the Prime Minister, to ask for compensation and, above all, for vaccination to become compulsory for medical personnel.

Based on information fromEurope 1, the Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP) indicates that it has proposed mediation with the head of the hospital service to the family, which it refused. “There is a legal battle for the file that I represent so that the family is compensated, but the raison d’être of this file is symbolic, it is national”, affirms Me Benjamin Fellous, lawyer of the relatives of Fabien Cohen-Ganouna, on the radio. “My client always told me, ‘I don’t want another family to end up in this situation.’ Her daddy entered the hospital with a broken hip, he died of Covid-19, and it can’t happen again “, he adds.

Words supported by the daughter of the deceased, who hammers at the Parisian : “If the caregivers had been vaccinated, my father would still be alive.” “This story is a textbook case when we are talking about compulsory vaccination for caregivers. The process is above all symbolic; it is about doing everything so that this does not happen again. […] Now that we now have the means to limit the spread of the virus, it is a collective responsibility “, says his lawyer on BFMTV. For Me Fellous, “It is not a question of pointing the finger at caregivers but of highlighting a failure of the State. Every day lost in thinking about a legal framework for this compulsory vaccination can lead to a new potentially fatal contamination”. During his speech, scheduled for July 12 at 8 p.m., Emmanuel Macron could notably announce the vaccination obligation for medical staff.

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