In Paris, the agreement on a draft local urban plan, a nice political coup for the municipal majority

Beyond the 3,000 pages, including annexes, intended to change the face of the capital, the presentation of the draft local urban plan (PLU) is also a nice political coup for a municipal majority which appears united at the end three years of collective work, including the last six months of intense negotiations, on the final document. ” One is happy !assures Jacques Baudrier (French Communist Party, PCF), assistant to the works at the town hall of Paris. This PLU is a historic move to the left. We don’t skimp on ecology and we have increased means to create social housing. »

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Frédéric Hocquard (Europe Ecologie-Les Verts, EELV), tourism assistant, outbids: “It is not a cosmetic text. A spectacular shift had to be made at a time when people are talking about “Paris under 50°C”. We got what we asked for. » An astonishing “everyone is happy”, agrees sufficiently rare to be underlined within a municipal majority which, ordinarily, never hesitates to annoy each other.

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On urban planning files, there is even a supposed opposition of principle between, to simplify, ecologists, who would like green throughout the city without being too encumbered with social concerns, and the communists, nicknamed “concreters” by the former, because they are concerned with building social housing rather than planting trees, with finally, at the center of the game, socialists, who try, year after year, to produce a synthesis.

Anne Hidalgo did not believe it

In 2006, during the vote of the previous PLU, environmentalists, after months of negotiations, had finally abstained from voting a plan considered far too gray. Moreover, the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, was not optimistic when launching the big maneuvers: “If there is no majority agreement, there will be no PLU”she said, while slipping to her first deputy, Emmanuel Grégoire, when investing him with a political mission deemed impossible: “Make sure you collect. Do what you can to find an agreement. But I do not believe it. »

It actually started very badly. “The first version proposed by the executive was quite distressingsays the elected ecologist Emile Meunier, chief negotiator of EELV for the PLU, who did not wish to give any gift to the mayor of Paris. They had just improved a few bioclimatic cursors compared to the previous regulation, while it is claimed that this is the last mandate for the climate…”

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