In Peru, the party of the new president targeted by a search

Barely installed in power, here is already the new Peruvian president, Pedro Castillo, in the sights of justice. Magistrates and police raided the offices of his party, Peru Libre (left), on Saturday, August 28, as part of an investigation into the financing of the electoral campaign which brought him to the head of the country at the end of July .

At the request of the prosecution, searches were also carried out at seven properties, including the home of controversial party leader Vladimir Cerrón.

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Judge Carlos Sanchez has opened a preliminary investigation against Perú Libre for alleged money laundering. The new head of government, Guido Bellido, is also targeted.


Since his election, Pedro Castillo has been the target of virulent attacks from the right-wing opposition. Following the searches, Peru Libre announced its “Surprise” in a press release. The party assured that it was prepared to “Collaborate” with justice, but warned against “Any attempt to intimidate the police, the prosecution and the judiciary, in an attempt to violate due process”.

Congress has just voted to trust the government headed by Guido Bellido, appointed at the end of July by Pedro Castillo, which allows him to remain in office.

Prosecutor Richard Rojas conducted searches in three properties in Lima and four in the Andean city of Huancayo, where Vladimir Cerrón resides, sentenced in 2019 to four years in prison for corruption when he was governor in this region of Junín ( center). This conviction had prevented him from being Pedro Castillo’s candidate for the vice-presidency.

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