In Rohrbach-Berg – tax consultants and bakery move together

Stadtplatz 21 in Rohrbach-Berg! FUTURO is now being built where the Gasthaus Leitner used to be. A building is being built for 4.3 million euros, in which the tax consultancy firm Raml & Partner and the Oberngruber bakery will move into.

In Rohrbach-Berg, buildings ending with “ro” are coming into fashion: after the centro event center and the AquaRo adventure pool, the FUTURO is now being built on the town square. The floor slab is already finished, the walls on the ground floor are already in place – and the moving boxes will then be unpacked in spring 2022.

In addition to the tax consultancy firm Raml & Partner, the Oberngruber bakery is also moving in. Simone and Peter Oberngruber move their branch from the main building on Stadtplatz to the FUTURO, where they not only have a sales area, but also a café with 70 seats. The space freed up in the head office is then used to expand production.

Law firms taken over
Where did tax consultant and investor Markus Raml’s weakness for Rohrbach come from? The entrepreneur has taken over offices in Rohrbach-Berg and Aigen-Schlägl, which will be merged. The new building will create a modern office environment for the current 20 employees. “In addition, nine employees are currently commuting from the district to Linz, who will then have the opportunity to work in Rohrbach,” says Raml.

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