In Strasbourg, Valérie Hayer unfolds her program, Bruno Le Maire instructs Raphaël Glucksmann and Jordan Bardella

Valérie Hayer, head of the Macronist list in the European elections, called for a “major investment plan” of 1,000 billion euros for “the Europe of 2030”, leaving attacks against her competitors to her supporters on Saturday during a meeting in Strasbourg. “Let’s be unfailingly optimistic,” said Valérie Hayer, in second position in the polls, followed by Raphaël Glucksmann and left behind by Jordan Bardella.

“Let us never think that Europe is static. Let us demand a Europe that reinvents itself,” she declared in front of a room of around 400 people, during a speech of less than 15 minutes, focused on her priorities policies. Citing five “strategic sectors”, digital, energy, transport, space and health, she called for “a major plan to once again become masters of our destiny” by 2030, to the tune of 1,000 billion euros.

“Strengthening” of European “strategic cooperation”

“We cannot afford to miss the artificial intelligence revolution. So let’s invest to match Chinese or American investments,” she said. “Let’s build champions ‘made in Europe'”. She also called for a “strengthening” of European “strategic cooperation”, via a “tripling” of military spending in the EU, the establishment of a “European preference” in military purchases, and the construction “in Europeans”, of “the combat aircraft of the future and the tank of the future”.

“Our continent cannot continue to be hopelessly dependent on the American umbrella,” she argued. “I need you,” she concluded to her voters. “We have the immense task of convincing the French. And for that, we only have three Sundays left.” Before her, the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, was responsible for tackling Raphaël Glucksmann, “the impotence hidden under fine speeches”, and Jordan Bardella follower of the “strategy of no language at all”.

“The party of the great national capitulation”

Raphaël Glucksmann “is married to Nupes, to La France insoumise, to the far left, he is accountable for their decisions”, attacked Bruno Le Maire. “You cannot be divorced in Brussels and married in Paris. A double political life leads to impotence.” As for the head of the RN list, he “deceives, lies, with astonishing aplomb”. “As soon as Jordan Bardella says something, the gigantic deception of the National Rally comes to light: the RN is a political fraud, it is the party of the great national capitulation.”

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