In strong growth, Vinted adds a brick to its logistics

The second-hand specialist is launching automatic lockers in France.

Vintedinnovates in distribution. The Lithuanian second-hand specialist has announced that it is developing a network of automatic lockers, like Amazon’s lockers. And the platform chose France, one of its largest markets in the world, to deploy the first bricks of this network.

The first lockers will be installed in the Paris region in Franprix or Carrefour. ” This delivery method is particularly practical for customers, who can pick up their parcel while going shopping, underlines Vytautas Atkocaitis, vice-president of Vinted Go, Vinted’s entity dedicated to logistics.Its carbon footprint is also better than home delivery. Vinted is committed to delivering these lockers in electric vehicles. 90% of parcels delivered by Lithuanian are already sent to a relay point, which minimizes carbon emissions compared to home delivery.

Vinted will test this new delivery method for two months. “We will then extend our network and will have to sign with other partners for this,” explains the vice-president of Vinted Go. The e-merchant does not refrain from sharing its automated lockers with other companies. These types of lockers, capable of optimizing last-mile logistics, are multiplying on the initiative of e-retailers and logisticians, such as Amazon, La Poste or Mondial Relay. The latter, a long-time Vinted partner, announced on Friday that it aims to put 2,000 lockers into service by the end of the year.

Heavy investments

Vinted needs to expand its distribution network to respond to the rapid growth of exchanges between its members. The platform benefits from the craze for the second hand. It now has 65 million members in 16 countries, including 19 million in France. ” We are confident in our potential, explains Thomas Plantenga, CEO of Vinted. We continue to record solid growth in the countries where we operate. We are opening new countries in Europe (Slovakia, Austria, Poland….), and we have just set up in the United States. Vinted aims to be a global second-hand platform. »

Second-hand clothes still represent only a small part of fashion. The potential is great

Thomas Plantenga, CEO of Vinted

Vinted’s turnover reached 245 million euros in 2021, up 63% compared to 2020. But the company also announced a loss of 105 million euros, five times greater than that of the ‘last year. “We are investing in new services and in new countries. That’s why we’re not yet profitableexplains the CEO.But second-hand clothes still represent only a small part of fashion. The potential is significant. »

The Lithuanian recently launched Vinted Go, an entity dedicated to logistics. She will offernew delivery services for Vinted members, but also other players “says the group. Vinted follows in the footsteps of Amazon or Walmart, which market their logistics services to third-party, sometimes even rival, companies. A more profitable activity than the mere distribution of products.

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