In the dark – fatal accident: the driver overlooked a 74-year-old woman

When a 40-year-old from Klagenfurt was traveling from the west on Thursday evening on the Südring, he obviously overlooked a pedestrian who wanted to cross the street.

The driver came from the west and was driving on the Klagenfurter Südring in the direction of Rosentaler Straße when the tragic accident happened. “At the level of Schmelzhüttenstraße, the car crashed into a 74-year-old woman from Klagenfurt who was just walking south across the Südring,” reports the police. “The woman was injured so badly that she died at the scene of the accident despite resuscitation attempts by an emergency doctor.” The police carried out an alcohol test on the 40-year-old, but it was negative. “The car was badly damaged in the impact,” police said. “He was secured by order of the public prosecutor’s office.” By securing the scene of the accident and the operation, the southern ring was closed for over two hours until just before eight o’clock.
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