In the divorce drama with Sophie Turner: He tears up while singing a song for his daughters

In the divorce drama with Sophie Turner
He tears up while singing the song for his daughters

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner formed a glamor couple in the music and acting scene. But after the separation, they fought over custody of the children.

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Joe Jonas’ fatherly feelings overwhelmed him at his most recent concert. His two young daughters were in the audience.

Joe Jonas (34) made a particularly soulful appearance in New Jersey. No wonder: there were two very special spectators in the audience – his two little daughters. When he dedicated a song to them, he could no longer hold back tears.

A song about parenthood

The Jonas Brothers played in their home state of New Jersey, and Joe Jonas’ daughters Delphine (1) and Willa (3) also watched the performance. The three brothers dedicated the song “Little Bird” to their children – and it seemed to particularly deeply affect the 34-year-old. As the fans sang along to the lines, There were tears in his eyes, as videos on social networks show. He kept looking out for his two girls.

After the separation from his wife Sophie Turner (27) and the subsequent argument about the children, the song seems to be particularly close to him. It’s not the first time that the title has made him feel great. When the Jonas Brothers played the song at a gig in September, the father of two dedicated it to all the parents. He also wished from the bottom of his heart “good luck” to everyone who wants to become parents in the future. He previously described “Little Bird” in an interview as a “beautiful song to share with other parents out there.” “It’s something that everyone can think about, whether it’s your own parent or the parental figure you have in your life,” he told People. “It’s really exciting to know how we can set the stage, even just on a creative level, for this song in particular.”

War of the Roses after separation

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner announced their separation in September after four years of marriage. Their second daughter had been born just a year earlier. The singer and the actress had been in a relationship since 2016. Their engagement in 2017 was followed by a wedding in Las Vegas two years later. At the beginning of September, Joe Jonas is said to have filed for divorce. The couple confirmed the split in a joint statement on Instagram, saying: “After four wonderful years, we have decided together and in friendship to end our marriage.”

But things weren’t quite so peaceful: a custody battle over the little daughters followed. Jonas wanted the children to live in the USA, Sophie Turner planned to move to her native Great Britain. She even sued her husband. But in mid-October, the ex-couple reached a tentative agreement after undergoing four days of meditation. At that time it was also said that both were working on an amicable divorce. Shortly afterwards, the actress was photographed very intimately with another man in Paris.


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