in the event of non-payment of aid, what steps should be taken?


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Not to be confused with Emmanuel Macron’s exceptional bonus, the Christmas bonus annually helps recipients of certain social benefits.

Paid from Wednesday, December 15, the Christmas bonus should have been transferred to the account of all beneficiaries, the family allowance fund taking care of the bank transfer directly without the eligible people having to make any request. However, some of the 2.5 million French people concerned may not have received it yet. What to do in this specific case? As recalled by Journal du Net, the individual involved must check whether he or she meets the eligibility criteria, i.e. having benefited from one of the following social assistance during the past year: active solidarity income (RSA) , specific solidarity allowance (ASS), retirement equivalent allowance (AER), flat-rate premium for resumption of work. If one of these allowances has been received, but not the Christmas bonus, a complaint must be made.

Contact the organization in charge of the payment. While it is generally the Caf, the main intermediary may vary depending on each individual’s situation. For beneficiaries of ASS or AER, the Christmas bonus is managed by Pôle Emploi. On the side of those who receive the RSA, a part is attached to the Caf while the MSA takes care of the beneficiaries of the RSA linked to the agricultural scheme.

Call the appropriate service

As a reminder, the unemployed do not have access to the Christmas bonus, just like the beneficiaries of the AAH (allowance for disabled adults), those of the Aspa (solidarity allowance for the elderly) and those of the bonus. activity. In case of doubt of non-payment for the real beneficiaries, do not hesitate to report your case to the organizations concerned!

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