“in the face of horror”, his father Eric testifies

Since January 9, 2003, no trace of Estelle Mouzin, 9 years old at the time. For his father Eric, years of suffering, research and questioning. A quest for truth that will one day end?

Excavations in the Ardennes continue to find the body of Estelle Mouzin, missing since January 9, 2003, following statements by Monique Olivier, ex-wife of the pedophile and serial killer Michel Fourniret. The latter had confessed in March 2020 to the murder of the little girl. For Éric Mouzin, Estelle’s father, interviewed by the Sunday newspaper on April 17, 2021, this research “are made on the basis of the statements of the indicted [Michel Fourniret et Monique Olivier], who continue their work of perversion by giving false information, voluntarily or because of their state of health “. What these two individuals “say is to be taken with the greatest caution. It is up to the examining magistrate to assess this, and then to commit the necessary means, which are very important each time. I spoke about it with the children, we are very happy with her work since she took charge of the file in september 2019 “, he adds. Bruised father explains to newspaper that each new investigation is a joy “because we are advancing on the path to find Estelle”.

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To hold in spite of everything, the line of the father of Estelle Mouzin

Éric Mouzin, who has fought for eighteen years to know the truth, poignantly explains that “his car is ready” if the famous phone call announcing the discovery of Estelle’s remains sounds. “Faced with the horror, I want, that’s all. In this case we went through a number of particularly trying stages, he announces. For me, for my family, you have to go on living, really. I have four children at home, those of the woman I married in 2008. I did not have another child after Estelle. With them, who are now young adults, we share the concerns, at the moment about the health crisis and its consequences, the joys, but also, we must answer their questions on the progress of the investigation.. Very present in the media since the disappearance of his daughter, Éric Mouzin still calls “to a kind of collective rule to protect listeners, readers, from the most sordid details. This display turns us into voyeurs and takes us into the abject universe of these criminals.” These remarks echo a radio program which had specified that Estelle had been “raped then strangled”, he recounts. Regarding the TV movie on the Fourniret affair, he says he watched two episodes. “I decided that I shouldn’t comment on it, so as not to advertise it”, he emphasizes.

It was on April 6, 2021 that research resumed in Issancourt-et-Rumel, a village in the Ardennes 4 km from Ville-sur-Lumes where, according to Monique Olivier, her ex-husband killed Estelle Mouzin, in a house belonging to his sister.

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