in the face of the migration crisis, “the EU cannot turn into a barbed wire financier”

Tribune. A few thousand men, women and children are trapped in the cold and hunger on the border between Belarus and Poland. This situation results from the limitless cynicism of the Belarusian regime, which organizes the arrival of these migrants at the eastern borders of the European Union (EU) to throw them into a deadly impasse accentuated by the inhuman intransigence of the Polish government. As for Russia, it is either direct accomplice in this maneuver, or too happy to try to present itself as an honest broker, while the Belarusian dictatorship owes it everything for its survival and the destabilization of Europe remains its objective.

We must come, without hesitation and immediately, to the aid of people who can freeze to death at any time at the border of Europe, at our border, adding to an already long list of victims. It is not possible for the European Union to transform itself into a financier of barbed wire and patrols to push back human beings in danger of death to its borders. The European Union and its member states must make available to Poland all the financial and operational support necessary for the establishment of humanitarian treatment of migrants and for the examination of their situation before their reception in Europe in accordance with the European law. It is up to France and Germany to organize a coalition of states ready to live up to the fundamental rights of the EU.

At the same time, the Europeans must continue to deploy all the sanctions, reinforced to establish a blockade against the Belarusian regime whose blackmail has lasted too long: financial isolation, ban on overflight of the European area to all companies participating in this blackmail, etc.

Active integration policy

It is high time that Europe stopped lending its side to the slightest attempt at migratory destabilization. Is the Union so fragile that it trembles when a dictator uses a few thousand people to put pressure on it? Should we constantly put ourselves at the mercy of Belarus, Turkey, Russia, Morocco, the Algerian regime or the Libyan militias? Nothing seems to have been learned from the numerous arrivals of 2015-2016 or from the peregrinations imposed on theAquarius and to other humanitarian ships in the Mediterranean since then.

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Europe and its member states cannot be ceaselessly hostages to external pressure, of which there is no shortage of interested relays within it, from Victor Orban to the French or Italian far right. All of them have European democracy as their enemy. It is time for the Union and its Member States to adopt a migration and asylum policy in line with the values ​​and needs of reception and which protects us from blackmail.

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