In the future there will be gendered: Audi employees are called Audiers

In the future there will be gendered
Audi employees are called Audiers

From now on, Audi in Ingolstadt will write in a gender-sensitive manner. This means that the employees of the automotive group will in future be called Audiians. The underscore stands for all non-binary gender identities.

Audi employees will in future be called "Audians": As the "Augsburger Allgemeine" reports, the Ingolstadt-based car manufacturer is now using gender-sensitive language. Corresponding guidelines had been worked out by a project group for a year and have been in effect for internal and external communication since March 1st.

"Appreciation, openness, responsibility and integrity are the basis of our corporate culture, and we make this clear in our language," said Sabine Maaßen, Head of Human Resources, from the Audi board of the "Augsburger Allgemeine".

In order to make all genders consciously visible, it is recommended that Audi employees use the so-called gender gap – and write, for example, "Audiers". "The gender gap creates space for all non-binary gender identities," said Antonia Wadé from the project group, explaining the recommendation.