In the parking lot in Regau – baby rescued from a hot car at the last minute

It is probably every parent’s nightmare: a baby was accidentally locked in the car in a parking lot in Regau (Upper Austria) on Tuesday lunchtime. The car stood in the blazing sun. The firefighters reacted immediately after arriving and smashed a car window. Fortunately in time – the baby is fine.

The mother and her older child had already got out of the car when the door suddenly slammed and the baby was locked in the family’s car. Since the vehicle was in the blazing sun, the temperature in the interior rose very quickly. Just a few minutes are enough to turn the car into an “oven”. With outside temperatures above 30 degrees, thirty minutes are enough for a life-threatening situation.

Smashed back pane
It wasn’t that hot on Tuesday lunchtime, but we had to act quickly. Of course, this was also known to the emergency services who were called to help and who lost no time after arriving. In consultation with the worried mother, the Florianijünger smashed one of the rear windows and was able to free the baby, who was sitting in his Maxi Cosi, from the already heated car.

Waiting would have been too long
“The wait for the spare key would have taken too long. And although the ÖAMTC was already on the approach, we didn’t want to take any risks, ”explains Florian Riedl from the Rutzenmoos FF. After a check by the Red Cross, the child could be handed over intact into the hands of its mother.

Tragedy in Croatia
A recent case from Croatia, where a father forgot his son in the car, shows how tragic such a mishap can end. The five-year-old died from the heat.