In the town hall – Slipknot: A terrible and kind family

Whether the crisp live workout is still feasible in the biblical age of old rockers remains questionable. The Stadthalle shows that Slipknot has long had fans from different generations. From headbanging schoolchildren to grey-flecked pensioners, everything is represented. Also the good accountants with two children and electric Tesla in the suburban driveway, who finally feel each other again for almost two hours and are beamed back to the fragile youth. The drilled in the middle of the set “The Heretic Anthem”, still the heaviest number in Slipknot’s anything but buttery smooth work, is precisely the anthem for all those who have been neglected, bullied or misunderstood who “hear and feel music differently than those out there”. , as Taylor fueled in almost political jargon. Slipknot tells the story of a couple of troubled farm kids from the American heartland who rose to become world stars with uncompromising, teamwork, talent and perseverance.

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