In the Tyrolean gorge – injured during a white water tour – spectacular rescue

Operation for the mountain rescuers on Friday in the imposing Kaiserklamm in the Tyrolean lowlands: A white water swimmer was injured during a guided tour. Moving on was impossible. The emergency services had to abseil to the injured person and then bring them out of the gorge via a narrow path.

The mountain rescue service in Kramsach and the surrounding area was alerted to the demanding operation on Friday afternoon. A 35-year-old German whitewater swimmer suffered a foot injury while crossing the Kaiserklamm in the Brandenberger Ache. She couldn’t continue the tour with the other participants. Bad luck: there was no cell phone reception there. “A guide then had to climb out of the gorge and walk to the Kaiserhaus, where he could make an emergency call,” says the mountain rescue service. Carried out of the gorge over a narrow path From the Kaiserklamm path, the mountain rescuers had to climb around 20 meters in altitude to the casualties abseil down the river. The 35-year-old German was then pulled up using a mountain stretcher. The next challenge was then to carry the woman several hundred meters over the narrow path out of the gorge. The injured person was finally handed over to the crew of the alerted emergency helicopter and then flown to the hospital in Kufstein.
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