in the US, the salary of nurses goes up to $ 10,000 per week

Hospital tension is leading some American hospitals to attract nursing staff at a premium. Could this be possible in France?

In the United States, the health pressure is enormous and caregivers are lacking in some states. To make up for the lack of personnel, some hospitals are spending a fortune to attract doctors and nurses. The latter see their salaries skyrocket for one-off contracts, necessary to face the pandemic. The American site Quartz, for example, relates the emblematic case of a nurse who increased her monthly salary by 6.5 times by changing job and state. Claire Tripeny, that's her name, says she went from $ 3,200 per month in a Colorado hospital to $ 20,800 per month in a hospital in New Jersey, a state badly affected by Covid-19. However, this position is a fixed-term contract.
Problem: It puts hospitals in competition with each other and also creates strong disparities between urban and rural areas, where hospitals have much less money. The system therefore has its limits.

In France, the painful question of nurses' salaries

With us, the hospital function responds to precise salary scales. And with regard to the salaries of nurses in hospitals, France appears to be a bad student.

A French nurse in the public begins her career with 1,500 euros net and can hope to end it around 2,400 euros net. Caregivers demonstrated in France in the spring of 2020 to demand pay increases. France ranks 28th out of 32 OECD countries in the ranking of hospital nurses' remuneration compared to the national average salary. An injustice that seems even more glaring at a time when they are on the front line of the pandemic.

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