In which direction is the horse going? The answer reveals a lot about you

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Where is the horse going? Your answer reveals a lot about you

Personality test video: This horse can decode your strengths.


Where is this horse trotting now – to the left or to the right? Which movement you recognize reveals a lot about your talents and personality.

Actually, it’s pretty clear, because the horse in this video is clearly moving in one direction. Or maybe not? In fact, the direction here is entirely in the eye of the beholder. The movement you see in the clip is profound and can tell you a lot about your personality.

Personality Test Video: To the Right or to the Left? Your answer shows your character

The thing should be particularly clear with a video. But in this case, a very special effect comes into play, which can show you which areas of your brain are used the most when processing information. Of course, this focus also has an impact on your personality. Try it yourself!

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