“Inadequate” in the fourth wave: Union corona plans do not go far enough

“Inadequate” in the fourth wave
Union corona plans do not go far enough

The traffic light puts the possible measures to contain the corona pandemic on a new foundation, but at the same time removes individual instruments from the portfolio. The Union criticizes this and describes the plans of the forming government coalition as “irresponsible”.

The Union considers the proposed law of the traffic light groups on the future corona measures to be inadequate despite the recent tightening and is urging improvements. Although the SPD, Greens and FDP of the CDU / CSU have come to terms with the latest changes, said Union parliamentary group vice-chairman Thorsten Frei. Nevertheless, the current version of the draft law still falls short of what the current Infection Protection Act enables. Frei described the planned 3G rule in the workplace as positive. But overall, the new draft is “not what we think is right and adequate in this situation,” was Frei ‘s conclusion.

He also criticized that, according to the ideas of the traffic light parties, the epidemic emergency of national scope, which has so far been the basis for the measures in the corona crisis, should not be extended. “Although the pandemic challenges us like never before, the traffic light sends the signal that we are getting out of the epidemic situation,” said Frei. There is absolutely no reason not to use this “tried and tested instrument” any more, judged Frei. She was “irresponsible”. Therefore, the Union will apply to the Bundestag to allow the epidemic emergency to continue beyond November 25th.

The draft law approved by the main committee of the Bundestag on Tuesday evening is to be passed in plenary on Thursday, and the Federal Council is supposed to approve it on Friday. The law provides for a nationwide applicable catalog of possible protective measures that can also be used after the epidemic emergency has expired.

Contact restrictions still possible

These include, for example, the ordering of a distance requirement, the mask requirement, the submission of vaccination, recovery or test certificates, mandatory hygiene concepts, requirements for the operation of community facilities such as universities or adult education institutions as well as the processing of contact details of customers, guests or participants in an event .

Following criticism from politics and experts, the catalog was expanded to include additional options for protective measures. To this end, the SPD, Greens and FDP submitted 16 amendments to the main committee, with which the catalog of possible measures was once again significantly expanded.

In the event of a specific epidemic risk, the federal states can, by resolution of the state parliaments, impose personal restrictions for companies, institutions or events in the future. In such cases, the federal states may also impose restrictions on contacts in private and public spaces. However, the ordering of exit restrictions or the general ban on events or meetings should be excluded.

The traffic light parties also agreed on a 3G regulation in the workplace and in local and long-distance public transport. Employees should also work from home whenever possible. In order to better protect so-called vulnerable groups, especially the elderly, a test is mandatory for employers, employees and visitors in hospitals and preventive and rehabilitation facilities. Hospitals get a care surcharge for every Covid 19 patient they admit. The draft law also includes the continuation of social and economic protective screens.

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