Incense sticks: effect, application, products and meaning

Incense sticks are used in many areas. For example in meditation, yoga or simply as a room fragrance at home. What exactly do incense sticks do, which ones are the best and where can you buy the incense? Here you will find helpful tips for using incense sticks.

What are incense sticks?

Incense sticks are incense in stick form that contain fragrances. These unfold during combustion and give the environment a pleasant smell. Incense sticks are not the same as incense sticks. Depending on the country of origin, they can differ in the way they are manufactured.

  • Japanese incense sticks contain – contrary to expectations – no wooden stick. Instead, water, fragrances and wood powder are pressed in the form of sticks and then dried. Also the Tibetan incense sticks are made this way. However, they are larger in diameter than Japanese incense sticks.
  • In the manufacture of Indian and Vietnamese incense sticks the active ingredients are pressed onto wooden or bamboo sticks. The smell of the incense is accompanied by a smoky note when it is burned.

Origin of the incense sticks

Basically, the story of incense sticks begins with the discovery of fire. While this was considered a gift from the gods at the time, prayer rituals were established with the smoking of dry herbs, bark or resins. First and foremost, negative vibrations and ghosts should be driven out – this meaning remains to this day. But many more have joined them. Incense sticks are particularly important in Asia and in religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism. There they are an integral part of religious ceremonies. In this country they are more likely to come in Private households for use or in Natural healing shops, yoga centers and esoteric shops utilized.

What is the effect of incense sticks?

When it comes to incense sticks, opinions differ. While many swear by the effect of the sticks, there are those who think smoking and its effects are only imaginary. So what can incense really do?

  • The smoke is supposed to be one cleansing effect have and Free spaces from negative energies. So far, however, there is no scientific evidence for these effects.
  • Selected fragrances promote the concentration, give clarity and inner peace. For this reason, they are often used for meditation or prayers. Fragrances such as Sandalwood or incense.
  • Incense sticks are supposed to be good against mosquitoes and flies help.
  • They have a wellness or well-being function and are therefore often referred to as Aromatherapy used to calm the body, soul and spirit.
  • Incense sticks with Opium, rose and cinnamon are often also called aphrodisiac denotes and should have a stimulating, warming and aphrodisiac effect on us.

Using incense sticks

Using incense sticks sounds simple, but requires some knowledge so that the incense can develop its full effect. With our step-by-step instructions, nothing should go wrong. First you need the following utensils:

How can you light an incense stick?

  1. Place the incense holder on a fireproof surface.
  2. Now light the incense stick at the tip. As soon as it burns fan out with your hand until the incense stick only glows and begins to smoke.
  3. Now the scent should already unfold.
  4. Then place the incense stick in the incense holder until it is burned out. Alternatively, a bowl filled with sand is also suitable.

How can you make out incense sticks?

There are two options here. On the one hand, you can let the incense stick burn out and, on the other hand, the embers can be easily extinguished with water. Important: Make sure to ventilate well after using the incense sticks!

Can you use incense sticks despite smoke alarms?

Smoke detectors are now standard equipment in apartments and houses. So you don’t have to do without incense sticks. There are several options so that you don’t set off an alarm. During the smoking process, you can switch off the smoke detector or remove the battery – but afterwards switch it on again! Alternatively, you can also put a disposable glove over the fire alarm – quickly release the smoke alarm again afterwards!

Which incense sticks are the best?

As is so often the case, the purchase of incense sticks is an individual decision. The importance of the different criteria differs from person to person. What do you want to achieve with smoking? There are a few factors to keep in mind that will help you find the best incense sticks for your needs. When buying incense sticks, the following criteria are important:

  • Place of manufacture
  • Manufacturing method
  • Ingredients / fragrance
  • Burn time
  • Ease of use
  • Purpose of use

We have examined countless incense sticks based on the criteria above. Here are the five favorites.

1. Goloka

Goloka is one of the most popular manufacturers of incense sticks. The company is based in Bangalore, India, and uses all proceeds from the products sold for charitable purposes – for example a meal project for children who live in poverty or scholarships for unprivileged students. In addition, the Manufacture that is done by handbased on natural ingredients without exception. the Production takes place without animal testing and is complete vegan. By the way, Goloka is known for the popular golden ones Nag Champa incense sticks. According to the manufacturer, they should support meditation, but also serve as an excellent room fragrance. One incense stick has a burn time of approx 45 minutes – ideal for a meditation or yoga session.

2. Nepali Gardens

Both Incense sticks from Nepali Gardens it is also about fair products. They are made in Nepal and do not contain any synthetic additives. On the contrary, only organic and Demeter certified ingredients are used. To be more precise: for the mixes Raw materials from controlled wild collection by the Chepang used. This is a forest nomad people who have been forced to settle down and live in great poverty and who can improve their living situation and preserve their dignity by marketing the Nepali Gardens incense sticks. Overall, the incense sticks are in eight different fragrances available and so can be used for a wide variety of purposes. According to the manufacturer, the burning time is on average about 40 minutes.

3. Shoyeido

the Incense sticks from Shoyeido contain exclusively natural ingredients and are mostly in organic quality. The company is based in Japan and is one of the oldest traditional smoked products there. Especially if you rely on incense sticks without wooden supports, the sticks are made for you. Due to the Japanese production method, the Shoyeido incense sticks convince with one pure fragrance without smoke aromas. In addition, they will vegan and produced without animal testing. Only the burning time of a stick is about 30 minutes quite short.

4. Farfalla

Farfalla is actually a natural cosmetics manufacturer from Switzerland. In the meantime, however, the company has also Incense sticks in store. The chopsticks have their origin in Tibet and are made without exception natural ingredients and are not tested on animals. They are also in Recycled paper packaged and thus protect the environment.

5. HEM

the Incense sticks from HEM are a real bestseller on Amazon. Not only are they available in many fragrances, but they are too made by hand. Overall you can choose between 22 varieties choose that cover different areas such as meditation, aromatherapy or room scenting. Especially for beginners: inside, the sticks from HEM are very suitable, as the burn time is only about 20 minutes lies – ideal for approaching!

How often should I use an incense stick?

In theory, you can use incense sticks as often as you want. But that is not necessarily advisable. Note that when using incense sticks – similar to passive smoking – smoke is inhaled, which is carcinogenic and harmful. You should therefore avoid regular and excessive use.

Are incense sticks harmful to your health?

Incense sticks are primarily used to increase well-being. They can help you deepen your meditation, ensure better sleep, and provide many other benefits for your body and mind. Hardly anyone would come up with the idea that incense sticks are also harmful to health. So – should we be careful now, or not? In fact, there are a few risks that you should be prepared for.

  • Avoid buying cheap products, as they usually contain synthetic additives that are not only harmful to the environment, but also dangerous to your health. Therefore, rely on incense sticks with natural ingredients.
  • According to various studies, incense sticks generate huge amounts Fine dust particles released into the air. They can get into the lungs and that’s why that Lung cancer risk raise. Heart disease, asthma and nerve damage have also been linked to the incense.

Who are incense sticks suitable for?

Incense sticks should be used exclusively used by adults. Since fire is used here, the sticks could be a danger to children. In addition, children and dogs are sensitive to intense smells – so avoid using incense sticks in their presence.

Incense sticks: are there alternatives?

You have concerns about the use of incense sticks, but do not want to forego the healing properties? Aromatherapy with essential oils is a good alternative to sticks. There are now many cheap ones Aroma diffuserthat fill the room with the wonderful scent of essential oils – and in a very healthy way.

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