Incident on football field in Trier: dark-skinned footballers attacked in a racist manner

Racist incidents are not uncommon in professional football. For example, fans have made monkey noises in the stadium several times to humiliate black players. Hobby footballers also have such experiences – like 16 players in Rhineland-Palatinate now.

In Trier, several football players were attacked on a football field for apparently racist motives. The police said the 16-strong group of dark-skinned people had been racially insulted and attacked with stones and table legs. The attackers felt harassed by the group of athletes. The victims tried to defend themselves and to keep their distance from the perpetrators until the police arrived.

The officers identified three suspects – two men and one woman between 29 and 51 years of age. They are being investigated for dangerous bodily harm and sedition. The incident occurred on Saturday evening.


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