Incidents despite fan exclusion: Eintracht fans in Naples shot with Pyro

Incidents despite fan exclusion
Eintracht fans shot at Pyro in Naples

Although they are not allowed in the stadium, hundreds of Ultras from Eintracht Frankfurt travel to Naples for the second leg of the Champions League. The first incident happened during the night. Nobody gets hurt.

Despite the Italian authorities’ ban on ticket sales, hundreds of Eintracht Frankfurt supporters traveled to Naples for the Champions League round of 16 second leg. As several media reports, up to 400 ultras from Hessen arrived at the city’s main train station on Tuesday evening and were taken to their hotel with police escort.

There was a first incident. The buses with the SGE fans were shot at with pyrotechnics on the way and other objects were thrown at them. According to Italian media reports, the attackers were Naples supporters, so no one was injured.

According to “Corriere dello Sport”, 500 German fans have been checked since Tuesday, and the hotel where the Eintracht Ultras are housed is closely guarded by the police. At Capodichino Airport, therefore, before the game on Wednesday (9 p.m./DAZN and in the live ticker at a charter flight with 180 passengers from Frankfurt is also expected at SSC Naples. The HR also reported, citing eyewitnesses, of “larger groups of Napoli supporters” who were “partially armed” in the city.

The mayor of Naples condemned the events of the night and called for peaceful dealings. He hopes that there will be no damage in the city and that the day will be a celebration in the name of Italian-German friendship. Napoli captain Giovanni Di Lorenzo also called for “avoiding provocations”.

After a legal stalemate, the Italian authorities had banned the sale of tickets to people from Frankfurt/Main, and Eintracht then waived the entire contingent of guests. The police tightened the safety precautions in advance. The two camps of fans clashed around the 2-0 win in the first leg of the Italians in Frankfurt.

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