Increase in rental income at Bonhte Immobilier

Zurich (awp) – The Neuchâtel real estate fund Bonhôte Immobilier saw its rental income increase in 2021/22. These reached 58.7 million Swiss francs during the financial year ended at the end of March, after 53.8 million during the previous financial year.

Net operating income was 24.8 (24.4) million Swiss francs, said the fund listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange on Tuesday evening. The dividend per share will be increased by 2 cents to 3.21 Swiss francs.

The real estate market has long been attractive to many investors. High demand has further pushed prices up, even though the supply of new constructions is complete and sufficient.

Since the beginning of 2022, the situation has changed dramatically. Inflation has driven up mortgage rates. If this were to continue, it will have a negative impact on the valuation of real estate investments, the fund warned.

As of March 31, the fund’s total assets were 1.18 billion Swiss francs, compared to 1.13 billion at the end of 2021. The net asset value including all appraisal fees and the acquisition of real estate amounted to 123.10 Swiss francs per unit, up 1.25 francs over one year.


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