Indesit adds steam to its Innex washing machine range

Indesit Innex Steam BWE91496XWVFR

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It has been many years now since the Innex series of washing machines from the manufacturer Indesit has been in our laundry rooms. The common point between all these models is the Push & Go button: simply press it to launch a program designed by the manufacturer, suitable for all situations regardless of the type of textile, the dirt or the quantity of laundry put in the drum. Let us point out, however, that for this versatile cycle to be as effective, the load must not exceed a certain weight and that in the event of stubborn stains, it may be necessary to take the time to select the proper cycle.

Innex Steam

The blue Push & Go button is unmissable.

© Indesit

Since their appearance, the washing machines in the Innex range have been very simple models, rarely equipped with additional features, in particular to prevent their price from soaring. But technology is evolving and options that were previously expensive are now much more accessible. Among these, steam occupies a special place. Thanks to it, at the end of the cycle, the textile fibers are relaxed, which makes ironing easier. Indesit therefore decided to equip its Innex devices with it and three programs were planned to exploit steam: Push & Go steam, cotton + steam, shirt + steam.

Another particularity of the Innex Steam BWE91496XWVFR: it accommodates a program called Ariel Pods designed for laundry capsules to be placed directly in the drum; it is very likely that the capsules of other brands are affected.

Innex Steam

It’s hard to be more banal.

© Indesit

Except for these few original features, the Innex Steam BWE91496XWVFR is a very classic washing machine, with a capacity of 9 kg and whose energy label displays an A, according to the technical sheet. It is equipped with an induction motor promised to be more reliable and more discreet than a conventional electric motor. This can reach a maximum spin speed of 1400 rpm, like the vast majority of washing machines on the market. And if Indesit has provided its new Innex with steam functionalities, the manufacturer has however skipped the automatic detergent dispenser or the connection to a smartphone.

This prevents the bill from increasing. In fact, you can easily get the Innex Steam BWE91496XWVFR for less than €450.

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