indictment against “an endogamic state aristocracy”

The book. It has been almost half a century that Guillaume Duval has been involved in what is called the left of government. After François Mitterrand in 1974 and 1981, the former editor-in-chief ofEconomic alternatives actively supported Lionel Jospin in 1997 and supported François Hollande in 2012. “The policy that Emmanuel Macron has been pursuing since 2017, with the help of many ex-socialists, is the antipodes of everything for which I have fought for fifty years”, says the author of Dead end. The book deciphers the reasons for this failure.

According to the former member of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council, an endogamic state aristocracy dominates the entire spectrum of governing parties. It seized in particular the Socialist Party, “Gradually became a party of executives animated almost exclusively by senior officials from the National School of Administration. The presidency of François Hollande, with the famous Voltaire promotion and in his direct entourage a certain Emmanuel Macron, was the culmination, the summit of this development ”.

The social-liberal left and the government right, both dominated by this state aristocracy, pursue increasingly convergent economic and social policies, and share the same contempt for the popular classes. “Both consider that it is the supposed laziness, the too high cost of labor, the too important social rights and the too extensive social protection of ordinary employees which are at the origin of our persistent economic difficulties. “ Emmanuel Macron embodies this convergence, which has become a single political force, judges the author.

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Faced with the authoritarianism of Emmanuel Macron, Guillaume Duval calls on French trade unionists to come together while strengthening themselves: “You need a union check that each employer must pay to each employee; the rules concerning collective agreements must be strengthened by raising the representativeness threshold to validate them beyond 50%. “

Paid sabbaticals

The author also militates for the introduction of German-style co-determination to introduce democracy in the company. Then, instead of wanting to make those who already have a job work longer in a country which has 6.4 million registered with Pôle Emploi, it invites us to relaunch the process of reducing working time.

Offering six months of paid sabbaticals every five years, or one year every ten years, would represent a 10% reduction in working time while meeting a social demand for additional breathing time during a working life. become longer. Finally, the author wants the reinstatement of a wealth tax and an increase in the progressivity of income tax while raising the social minima.

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