Indoor vegetable garden: all our advice: Photo album

Are you not satisfied with supermarket fruits and vegetables? Do you want to savor the fruit of your labor? Nothing is more rewarding than being able to taste your own fruits and vegetables and aromatic herbs.

So what plants can we grow at home to have your own vegetable patch in pots, on your balcony or terrace or better, in your garden?

How to grow a lawyer? Can we plant potted strawberries? What if I grow tomatoes at home? Which fruit trees for my balcony or terrace? Can basil really grow to term?

It is ultimately quite easy to create a vegetable patch on the windowsill or in your living room! All it takes is a little elbow grease and a lot of patience, a minimum of sunshine and quality garden products, and you can get your first home vegetable patch carefree.

For a real vegetable garden or for small crops in apartments, we show you the 50 plants that can grow in your home. You will be surprised !