Inès Reg in Mask Singer: how does she get along with the other members of the jury?

This Friday, May 3 in the evening, TF1 will broadcast the first episode of the new season of Mask Singer. A week after the broadcast of the season 13 finale of Dance with the stars, Inès Reg returns to the channel, this time not to show off her prowess on the floor, but rather to find out who is hiding under the costumes of the entertainment show. And it’s a safe bet that the comedian will attract attention since she has already been the subject of a bad buzz after her altercation with Natasha St-Pier, who never stops making noise, even after the program ends. Inès Reg will therefore try to take on the role of the investigator alongside the other jurors: Chantal Ladesou, Laurent Ruquier and Kev Adams.

The opportunity to find out more about the relationships the young woman maintains with her colleagues. On March 26, Cyril Hanouna was on the set of TPMP that the filming of Mask Singerwhich took place last February, “was hell” and that there would even be “had an altercation with Chantal Ladesou”. The 75-year-old actress quickly reacted the next day in the columns of Parisianto deny the information conveyed by the C8 TV host. “People like to invent things. We got along really well,” she said, explaining that there was “a great atmosphere with Inès, but also with Laurent Ruquier and Kev Adams, the other judges”. She also had fun of her own “outspoken”which pushed the young woman to join in her game: “Inès knows how to defend herself. She leaves like clockwork, with all her temperament.” However, this did not extend after filming, as Chantal Ladesou confided to silence the bad tongues: “At the end of the recordings, we left each other kissing and promising to go see each other’s shows. It’s really nothing next to what happened In Dance with the stars.”

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Laurent Ruquier, fan of Inès Reg

As for the links that Inès Reg and Laurent Ruquier have, they also seem to be in good shape. In the columns of Ciné Télé Revuethe radio and TV host explained that she was “charming all these weeks” of collaboration. “I can see what a girl she is,” he said, deploring the “phony controversy” which saw the light of day between the Canadian singer and the comedian, while regretting this handrail filed by Natasha St-Pier. “It can happen that the tone rises, but like everywhere in the job, and normally, it is resolved between people”, estimated the one who said he was “in the Inès team” In The Big Heads. As for Kev Adams and his relationship with the comedian, little has been said. The young man was simply delighted to have participated in “this season even more ambitious” than the previous ones, which was full “real surprises”, as reported by our colleagues from TF1 Info this May 3.

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