Infiltrated on France 2: what is the police mini-series with Audrey Fleurot and Thierry Neuvic worth?

France 2 is broadcasting this Monday evening the first two episodes of “Infiltré(e)”, its new detective mini-series hosted by Thierry Neuvic and Audrey Fleurot, by the “Un Village Français” team. Check out our review!

What is it about ?

A police chemist, Aurélie has been raising her son alone since the death of her partner. When Commissioner Max Vernet uses her skills to investigate UBH, a new synthetic drug, which is starting to claim victims, she has no idea that she will find herself infiltrated at the heart of a network of young people and dangerous traffickers.

Faced with the charismatic Jesus, who runs the network from Marseille, does she have a chance of carrying out her mission? To save her son, Aurélie no longer has a choice. Mother’s love is a hard drug…

Catch Infiltré(e) on France 2 from Monday September 25 at 9:10 p.m.

Who is it with?

To play Aurélie, this chemist who will do everything to save her son, France 2 called on Audrey Fleurot. The actress who needs no introduction is known for playing the eccentric Morgane Alvaro in the detective series HPI.

For the occasion, she reunited with screenwriter Frédéric Krivine and director Jean-Philippe Amar, with whom she had worked on Un Village Français. For his part, Thierry Neuvic (Sam, La maison d’en face) slips into the shoes of Commander Max Vernet, who will help Aurélie in her infiltration.

Finally the mysterious Jesus is played by Sumaï Cardenas, a young actor who gets his first role here. Charlie Paulet and Mathis Pirone play two resourceful orphans whom the character of Jesus has taken under his wing.

It’s worth checking out ?

For Infiltré(e), Audrey Fleurot abandons the colorful personality of Morgane Alvaro in HPI to play Aurélie, a police chemist and mother of a teenager, who has difficulty living her life fully as a woman since her death by overdose of the father of his son Jérémie.

Her daily routine, however, will be disrupted when she discovers that her son, addicted to cocaine, owes a very large sum of money to his dealer. To get him out of this perilous situation, she will try to steal drugs intended to be destroyed by the police.

Of course, Aurélie will get caught and to avoid prison, she will make an agreement with Commissioner Max Vernet. She then agrees to infiltrate a network of young and dangerous traffickers in order to help her in her investigation into UBH, a very dangerous new synthetic drug. She will get closer to the charismatic and mysterious Jesus, head of the Marseille network…


Although the mini-series takes a little time to start, the first two episodes mainly serving to highlight the different problems of the characters, Infiltrated remains an effective thriller which relies on a duo of actors who work wonderfully.

The alchemy between Audrey Fleurot and Thierry Neuvic is undeniable, and allows the fiction to gain depth. With Infiltré(e), Frédéric Krivine, the screenwriter, achieves the feat of offering us characters far from the caricatures of the detective genre.

Whether it’s the commissioner, the chemist or the “bad” drug trafficker, they are imperfect, endearing and multidimensional. The viewer is also very quickly attracted to Jesus, impeccably played by Sumaï Cardenas, a young man who found himself at the head of the Marseille network and whose touching story echoes current events.

We regret, however, that the infiltration of the character of Aurélie, who gives the title to the series, only occurs from episode 4. A destabilizing script choice, which is erased by the quality of the scenarios.

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