Infinity tattoo: photo album

Nothing is more personal than the design of a tattoo. If you've decided to take the plunge, you've probably thought through your decision carefully and spent long hours looking for the perfect symbol, the perfect design. With tattoos, all fantasies are allowed: birds on the arm, a heart on the wrist or even a flower, a feather, a phrase or even a name on the ankle. If you are looking for an original symbol, check out our tattoo ideas with the design of the infinity sign. A symbol with many meanings invented by mathematician John Wallis in the 17th century and which can be associated with other designs for a tattoo 100% original.

Tattoo: what does the infinite symbol represent?
The infinite design represents the number eight horizontally ∞. In mathematical language, it is not used alone, the + ∞ symbol reads "plus infinity" and the −∞ symbol reads "minus infinity". Unless you have a passion for math, you are more likely to be interested in this drawing for its other meanings. It is associated with the cycle of life, with eternal love, but also with birth, death and reincarnation. Choosing to decorate your body and skin with a tattoo depicting such a symbol is a powerful act. Infinite means "that never ends", so it is easy to understand why many couples opt for a tattoo infinity as a symbol of their love.

Infinity sign tattoo: on which part of the body to make it?
Most women who go for an infinity sign tattoo choose a tattoo small, almost minimalist. The infinity symbol can lend itself to a tattoo of large dimensions, for example if the strokes are transformed into a snake, but overall these are more of small, inconspicuous tattoos. As you will discover in our photo album, the back of the neck is a particularly popular area, very feminine and erotic. Many women even have their infinity tattoo done right at the base of the hair.

A woman with thin ties and who wishes she could hide her tattoo however, will easily choose the wrist. A discreet area, and also very feminine. Others choose to do it on another part of the arm, such as the shoulder or the inside of the arm, just above the wrist. Another very elegant and discreet possibility, the ankle! However, it is better to be warned, the skin of the ankle is very thin and the area is therefore particularly painful to tattoo.

Be careful, however, as the infinity tattoo is essentially small in size, it may then be necessary to associate it with another design, if for example you make it on a part of the body with more surface area, such as the back for example.

Tattoo infinity: the many variations of this tattoo
Unlike some self-sufficient patterns, the infinity symbol can easily be combined with other designs to give it even stronger meaning, or simply for aesthetic reasons.

  • Infinity tattoo with a feather: symbol of spirituality

We love the combination of the infinite symbol with the feather: classic, peacock, eagle or any bird of your choice. Symbol of freedom, the feather is also linked to spirituality. Rather than closing the loop of the eight, the stroke of the infinite sign can extend into a delicate feather, symbol of a love story in the making. Why not, by the way, associate the first name of your dear and loving one? This type of tattoo fits perfectly on the wrist or the inside of the arm. Another possibility is to go further and include birds in the drawing!

Some couples choose to have the infinity symbol tattooed with a heart. A way to signify their eternal love and to swear fidelity. The heart can extend the symbol, or simply overcome it, the choice is up to each couple. And what romantic gesture for a man and a woman to go get a tattoo together?

As we have seen, the infinite sign can be associated with very many other symbols. Rather than closing the 8th, a romantic and original idea is to do as with a feather or intertwined birds and close the infinite symbol with two flowers.

In recent years, tattoos representing sentences, words or first names have become very fashionable. Some tattoo artists have even specialized in this type of creation! The infinite symbol can perfectly be enhanced by the name of the loved one, a phrase or a quote that is particularly close to your heart.

Infinity tattoo: how about a temporary tattoo to begin with?
If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to ask several tattoo artists to discuss your project and the choice of the motif. They will be able to guide and advise you as best they can, and will certainly offer you designs that you hadn't thought of. Remember to bring a photo or a selection of images of tattoos spotted on Pinterest or Instagram, this is often a very good basis for reflection.

Remember, a tattoo is an act that engages you, and is an indelible mark on your skin, so don't go lightly. The question of which area of ​​the body to have the tattoo done is often a real headache. Before taking the plunge, why not try a temporary tattoo? One on the back of the neck, one on the wrist, another on the ankle. Perfect for familiarizing yourself with tattooing and making your choice with confidence.

Infinity tattoo: perfect for a first tattoo and for small budgets!
For a woman (or a man!) Who is looking for a discreet tattoo, but with a strong meaning, the tattoo infinity is ideal. Little risk of making a mistake with this symbol! Its modest dimensions also make it a great choice for anyone on a budget. Its simplicity and size make it inexpensive to make. Be careful, however, if you want to add a feather, a star or a first name, the bill may of course increase!

From the simplest to the most original, get inspired by these 30 models of infinite pattern tattoos spotted on the web.

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