Inflation and rising wages weigh on hospital finances

Savings are most often made at the expense of investment. 130566545/WavebreakMediaMicro –

They are claiming 2 billion euros to deal with the soaring charges.

It’s a bottomless pit. Emmanuel Macron thought he had settled the financial difficulties of the hospital with the “Ségur de la santé”, an unprecedented effort which, in addition to 10 billion euros in salary increases, provides for 19 billion euros in investment and debt recovery. . But this salutary breath of oxygen may quickly prove to be insufficient.

First, hospitals are taking the full brunt of the increase in the cost of raw materials, at a time when many establishments have launched renovation projects for their buildings as part of the “Ségur”. “We are recording increases of 15% to 25% on certain products. Establishments that can borrow, the others are forced to reduce the airfoil”, notes Cécile Chevance, head of the finance department of the French Hospital Federation (FHF). Inflation also leads to higher operating costs, estimated at 750 million euros, with soaring energy prices…

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