Influencer Mava Chou filed a harassment complaint just before her death

By with AFP

The death of this 32-year-old woman, mother of four and known to have been videoing her life on social media for years, was announced on her Facebook account.

The Youtuber known under the nickname “Mava Chou”, target of violent criticism on the internet, had filed a complaint just before her death against her ex-husband and against X for moral harassment, we learned this Sunday, December 26 from her attorney.

“A complaint was filed in the name of Maëva (Frossard, her real name, editor’s note) and her new spouse for moral harassment and provocation to suicide against her ex-husband and against X. Unfortunately the complaint left on the day of her death », Said Me Stéphane Giuranna, lawyer in Épinal, confirming information from the daily Vosges Matin.

The death Wednesday “at the end of the day” of the 32-year-old woman, mother of four children and known to relate for years her life on video, was announced Thursday on her Facebook account in a “post validated by her family” which did not specify the causes of his death and asked “not to find out more”.

Numerous attacks on the internet

According to Me Giuranna, “Mava Chou”, who had 151,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel, 38,000 on Facebook and 90,000 on Instagram, had already, due to attacks targeting her on the internet, filed five complaints directly at the police station since May 2020 , “But they had given nothing”.

“Today, to me, it looks like a modern day homicide. You can kill someone with a few words, false information and harassment, ”the lawyer considered. The latter intends to maintain the complaint, this one having also been filed in the name of the new companion of the YouTuber.

“It is absolutely necessary that the public authorities react, toughen the laws, give the means to the investigative services to identify the stalkers who are cowards, write behind their screen and feel all powerful, it is necessary that the fear changes sides », Added Me Giuranna. Contacted on Sunday, the Epinal prosecutor’s office did not respond immediately.

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