INFO EUROPE 1 – An S file fills the coffee machines of Parisian police stations

William Molinie

According to information collected by Europe 1, an individual on file S, considered by the police to be “dangerous and violent”, employee of a service provider for the police headquarters, fills the coffee dispensers of Parisian police stations.

His presence Thursday on the second floor of a Paris police station surprised some police officers. And angered others. This 32-year-old man, an employee of a service provider, was then filling the coffee dispensers when he was recognized by one of the agents who had already dealt with him during police custody for acts of drug trafficking. He was then sentenced to one year in prison and had since been subject to a sentence adjustment with an electronic bracelet.

Considered “dangerous” and “violent”

Even more worrying, according to our information, the employee is the subject of an S form which was issued in 2019 after a demonstration of yellow vests in Val-d’Oise. Molotov cocktails were then found in his backpack. Since then, he has been considered “dangerous” and “violent” by the police.

“It’s still incredible that we don’t file external workers. Even if this person reintegrates through work, and that’s very good, we can’t accept that he does it in such a place sensitive than a police station!”, plague a police source. Requested Friday morning, the police headquarters has, at this time, not responded.

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