INFO EUROPE 1 – Viktor Orban will be present at the national tribute to Jacques Delors

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2:51 p.m., January 4, 2024

According to information from Europe 1, the Hungarian Prime Minister will be present this Friday at Les Invalides for the tribute ceremony to the former president of the European Commission. Since his election in 2010 as head of Hungary, he has pursued a sovereignist policy, openly in conflict with the institutions of Brussels.

This Friday, Emmanuel Macron will preside over a national tribute to Jacques Delors in the Cour des Invalides. Among the invited personalities, the President of the European Parliament, the German President, the Belgian, Croatian, Luxembourg and therefore Hungarian Prime Ministers. The presence of Viktor Orban denotes his sovereignist policy, carried out since 2010 at the head of Hungary, is the polar opposite of that of Jacques Delors as president of the European Commission, from 1985 to 1995.

A political twist

According to a close friend of the Head of State, the national tribute will take a political turn, six months before the European elections. During his wishes on December 31, Emmanuel Macron launched the campaign, calling for a choice between “continuing Europe or blocking it (…), affirming the strength of liberal democracies, or giving in to the lies which sow chaos”.

In Hungary, Viktor Orban launched a national consultation on Wednesday to launch the European campaign. In an 11-question form, he targets “Brussels technocrats”. On December 27, the Élysée hailed Jacques Delors as a “tireless architect of Europe”.

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