Information requested – fire in warehouse was started by arsonist

The heat was so high that even fire engines were damaged. In the middle of the town center of Lohnsburg (Upper Austria), a warehouse in which wood was stored burned down completely on Tuesday. Now it is clear: the fire had been started.

Extensive investigations have been carried out over the last few days into the major fire in the town center of Lohnsburg. With the help of a fire expert, third-party negligence was clearly identified as the cause, according to the police. An incendiary detection dog was also used at the outbreak site. Video shows young people Young people can be seen in the area on surveillance videos. These have already been investigated and questioned about the facts. However, no concrete suspicion has emerged. The Upper Austrian State Criminal Police Office is therefore asking for information from the public on 059133/40-3333 if anyone noticed anything suspicious in the area of ​​the warehouse in the center of Lohnsburg on April 9th ​​around 3 p.m.
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