Ingenious savings trick: How the 10-minute rule saves a small fortune

Effective savings trick
This is how the 10-minute rule brings you a small fortune

“Kleinvieh also makes …” – with the help of the 10-minute rule you can save money, even if you can only put aside small amounts.


Invest money, even if you can’t start with a large sum right away: an expert explains how it can work with small amounts.

If you regularly set aside small amounts, you can make great savings over a longer period of time, even with little money. For successful savings, you can follow three important rules, which RTL finance expert Susanne Althoff explains to you in the video.

This is how saving works with less money: two methods in comparison

Toni and Chris also test two other, different saving methods: Toni regularly frees her wallet from small change and collects the coins in a jar. Chris actually always pays cashless and puts the money back with a change app. The difference between the two methods is greater than expected! You can see which of the two can save the most in the video.

Source: RTL


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