Inhuman! He kills the mother of his four children with rare cruelty

A man is accused of attempting to kill the mother of four with extreme and bloody cruelty.

The man suspected of having tried to kill his partner by gouging out her eyes was hospitalized. Indeed, his psychological state is not stable, indicated the Creteil parquet at AFP. While in custody, the man was quickly released “due to compulsory hospitalization”added the parquet. At that time, the victim’s state of health was unknown, although it was known that he was very involved.

His companion, then in his forties, had a clean criminal record. Yet he was suspected of having stabbed her several times, including stabbing her in both eyes. Together they are parents of four children. They were not present at the time of the events, according to the parquet. These events took place on a Sunday afternoon in Houses-Alfortin the Val de Marne. The investigation was entrusted to the judicial police of the Val de Marne.


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2/10 –

He would have tried to put out the eyes of his companion. With psychological problems, he was hospitalized


3/10 –

While he was in police custody he was quickly released “due to involuntary hospitalization”


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At that time, the victim’s medical condition was unknown although it was known that he was engaged.


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An announcement made by the Public Prosecutor’s Office


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Criminal record
However, the suspected man had a clean criminal record


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The man allegedly stabbed his girlfriend several times. He would even have gouged out his eyes


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The man and his partner were parents of four children. They were not present at the time of the events


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Val de Marne
The facts took place in the Val-de-Marne


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And more precisely in Maisons-Alfort

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