Injured in the UKH – after overtaking: 81-year-old fell with his bike

The bike tour for an 81-year-old in Graz ended this morning with injuries in the hospital. The pensioner had been overtaken by another cyclist and possibly “cut” by him. As a result, the senior fell.

The 81-year-old was riding his e-bike on the bike path this morning, coming from Graz in the direction of Weinitzen. At around 10.45 a.m., the pensioner overtook another cyclist.

But he didn’t cycle behind the man in front for long, but overtook him again. According to the Styrian later, he was likely to have lined up just ahead of him, in any case the pensioner fell through his own fault.

The man had to go to an accident hospital with injuries of indefinite degree.

The other bicycle handlebar continued; whether he even noticed the fall behind him is unclear ..