Inka Bause: The "Farmer Seeks Woman" presenter makes a botox confession

Inca Bause
"I have a little botox in my forehead"

Inca Bause

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While many celebrity ladies like to hide their beauty interventions, Inka Bause believes that she likes to use Botox.

Honest beauty confession from Inka Bause! The "Bauer sucht Frau" presenter celebrated her 52nd birthday last November, although she looks barely older than at the beginning of her career. The native of Leipzig not only owes her good looks to her good genes, but also helped.

Inka Bause: That's why she has Botox injected

"I have a bit of botox on my forehead," she recently admitted on the MDR talk show "Riverboat". She doesn't know why it would be, but she has "correct score lines" on her forehead, she explained and added: "They formed in their late 40s or when I laugh and I laugh a lot, it looked like a Washboard. " And she just didn't want that anymore, she explained.

However, the mother of a daughter does not only take measures against her wrinkles. "I also get my teeth cleaned, that's just the wellness of today," she also said. She would just find it prettier, Bause continued. "Everyone should do what they think is right. And I think that's okay," she made clear to presenter Jörg Kachelmann, 62.

How does Inka Bause imagine her dream man?

On another topic, however, she did not react so openly – namely when Kachelmann wanted to know what her dream man should look like. "I'm not telling you that, I'm not crazy! Take care of your other guests. There are a few other people there, too," she replied evasively.

In the end, however, at least this detail revealed: "I once said I don't like men with small feet. I was once in love and looked down and he had smaller feet than me. That was all for me."

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