Inner restlessness: That really helps against it

Inner unrest?
That really helps against it

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Chest tightness, carousel of thoughts in mind. Inner unrest can rob us of the last nerve. But what really helps?

Anyone who knows it knows how caustic it is: inner restlessness. It feels like you have a big lump in your stomach or a stone on your chest that keeps getting bigger and bigger. And then you feel sick and you can't sleep because you're so nervous because your thoughts can't be calm down. Instead, you circle yourself lane by lane and feel puked the next morning. Tools are needed to break the loop. With these 5 tips you can:

Smartphone gone, laptop off – take a break!

Silence is good for our brains and for our wellbeing. On the other hand, those who are constantly energized in their free time and are available for their boss or colleagues can never really switch off. That’s so important. After all, the body and mind also need periods of rest to relax. Because: "If these breaks no longer exist, the tension increases. If they no longer exist for a longer period of time, the tension becomes permanent at some point and manifests itself in symptoms – physically, mentally or both." Harald Gündel, medical director of the Clinic for Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy at the Ulm University Hospital reveals to the world. Feelings of fear, sleep disorders, restlessness and nervousness can then be the result.

Inner restlessness, where are you from?

If you are aware of the inner unrest, the first step has already been taken. Registering the feeling and not simply pushing it aside is also the most important step.

“Why is this coming now? Is there something that burdens, stresses, annoys or occupies me? ”- Only when you really honestly question your feelings can you start to fight the causes of the unrest. Especially when symptoms and complaints have been going on for a long time.

Flower Power: Use the power of plants against inner unrest

Valerian, lavender, St. John's wort and Co have a calming or mood-enhancing effect without any undesirable side effects. Of course, the pharmacist will also advise you on this when you describe your symptoms. St. John's wort, for example, has a similar effect to an antidepressant, only of course. But it is still important: These remedies only alleviate the symptom and do not fight the cause of your suffering. It does not replace the step of taking a closer look and questioning what is the reason for the inner restlessness or feelings of fear. If you can't get rid of the feeling, you'd better go to your family doctor. He can determine whether the inner restlessness indicates an incipient illness, possibly a nutritional deficiency or a malfunction of the thyroid gland behind the persistent nervousness. If necessary, he also recommends psychotherapy.

Chill your base: relaxation techniques and acupuncture.

As soon as you tell someone that you somehow feel uncomfortable and cannot calm down, one thing is guaranteed to be recommended: YOGA. It feels like the whole world is doing yoga. But rightly so. Because relaxation techniques such as mindfulness exercises, meditation, yoga or MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) help with inner restlessness, has meanwhile been proven several times. "These techniques not only have a symptomatic effect. They are effective against vegetative overstimulation, which is often the trigger for inner restlessness. I advocate attending a proper course – under supervision, with a trainer, it is easier to learn such techniques." says Harald Gündel. If you still don't feel like doing yoga, you can also go for a run or walk – clear your head too.

Whether acupuncture helps with this ailment, however, has not been proven, but as a placebo it is guaranteed not to be despised. True to the motto: What heals helps! Nevertheless, the same applies here: Find the cause of your inner restlessness if you really want to combat the symptoms in the long term.

Fall asleep trick: hang out with Bibi and Tina

I'm neither a horse girl, nor do I particularly like farm romance, but: Whenever my head spins particularly wildly in the evening and I just can't get out of the rotating thought carousel, I pull up a series of radio plays Bibi and Tina and sleep pretty sure one at some point. Of course, other radio plays, audio books or maybe even a real book are also suitable. It shouldn't be too exciting.