Innovation award – win regional delicacies with the “Krone”

As part of the “creative and regional” series, the “Krone Burgenland” presented various farmers over the summer who had submitted their unique ideas for the Chamber of Agriculture’s innovation prize. Before this year’s winner of the “Burgenland is (s) t innovativ” award is crowned, the “Krone” raffles an innovation basket with delicacies from the region.

The voting has already been completed. Until September 10th, innovative farmers from Burgenland could vote online. This year, a total of 23 companies chose to win the “Burgenland is (s) t innovative” award launched by the Chamber of Agriculture. “With this award, farmers and their ideas are brought to the fore. Consumers can thus experience first hand how diverse agriculture in Burgenland is, ”explains the President of the Chamber of Agriculture, Nikolaus Berlakovich.

The prize is being awarded for the third time this year. However, two categories from the areas of product and process innovation are new this year. Whoever has won in the respective category is decided on the one hand by the votes of the online voting and on the other by an expert jury of experts.

Before the lucky winners are chosen, the “Krone” is giving away an innovation basket, which has something to offer everyone, from lip balm to the increasingly popular sustainable beeswax cloth, wine or products made from alpaca wool.

Closing date for entries: Thursday, September 30, 2021

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