Innsbruck has voted – Green city boss: “Rarely have I been so happy about minus”

The first round of the Innsbruck mayoral election has been won and the two runoff candidates, incumbent Georg Willi (Greens) and ex-ÖVP deputy mayor Johannes Anzengruber (JA – Now Innsbruck), were correspondingly happy. Willi felt “great joy and gratitude”. Anzengruber saw himself “fully involved” in the race for the mayor’s chair.

The incumbent mayor believed that both election goals had been achieved – first place for the Greens in the list election and first place in the direct mayoral election the joy was only a little: “I have rarely been so happy about a minus.” Willi wants to “run, run, run” In the mayoral runoff election against Anzengruber it is now “run, run, run”. He will do everything he can to win the runoff again. “I have also learned something new,” Willi campaigned for votes. Now he is striving for a “progressive coalition” and once again castigated “obstructors” in the last legislative period. Regarding specific coalition variants, Willi did not reveal his cards. For him, it’s more about implementing “big, important projects” with partners.Anzengruber: “Result tremendous”The former Arzler Almwirt and ÖVP breakaway Anzengruber felt “tremendous” after the result was announced. The race for the mayor’s chair will be “very close,” he said. Now it’s time to pursue “non-partisan local politics.” However, he did not want to think about any explorations or coalitions on election evening. Tursky crestfallenFlorian Tursky, top and mayoral candidate from the ÖVP-For Innsbruck (FI) electoral alliance “the New Innsbruck”, appeared crestfallen. “Of course this is a disappointing result for us,” he said. Apparently it was not possible to adequately communicate the “New Innsbruck” and the renewal behind it in advance. It is definitely clear that he will stay in Innsbruck and on the local council: “Now it is a matter of seeing who will be mayor and what the distribution of mandates looks like.” We are open in many directions, but we are waiting for now: “It is clear that we want to work together.” FPÖ top and mayoral candidate Markus Lassenberger reacted cautiously and pragmatically to the election results. Personally, however, he expected “to get into the runoff.” FPÖ does not want to have seen any mistakes in the election campaign. He did not want to recognize any mistakes in the election campaign: “We did our best.” Now it is important to act in a wait-and-see and strategically clever manner: “We We’ll see what the next few weeks bring and we’re basically open to anything.” SPÖ sees “new start”, great joy from KPÖ SPÖ top candidate, city councilor Elisabeth Mayr, saw her party’s results as a “new start for social democracy”. The downside remains the narrowly missed runoff election. KPÖ frontwoman Pia Tomedi had every reason to be happy, whose list had surprisingly made it onto the local council. “This is unbelievable, just great,” said Tomedi enthusiastically. She sees the election result as a “commission” and now “the work really begins.”
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