“Inside with mine, outside as a citizen”: Jean Castex (finally) clarifies the rules of the 3rd confinement to be respected: Current Woman The MAG

Thursday March 18, 2021, almost a year to the day after the announcement of the first confinement, Jean Castex held a new weekly press conference to take stock of the health situation. The Prime Minister thus announced new rules… which caused general confusion. Indeed, the French found themselves totally lost in the face of this avalanche of new restrictions, which vary from region to region. Containment in sixteen departments, which does not really resemble those we have already experienced (as recognized by Emmanuel Macron in person): travel is allowed “without any time limit”, And in a much larger area than before; while schools remain open, as do a number of businesses, such as hairdressers, florists and opticians. A travel certificate had also been introduced, before being replaced by two simplified versions because deemed “too complex ” by the government itself. What disconcert more than one … including the famous epidemiologist Catherine Hill, visibly upset by these new measures.

Faced with this total incomprehension of the population, Jean Castex clearly decided to react. On Monday March 22, 2021, the head of government met his ministers in Matignon to present them with a new anti-Covid prevention campaign. Baptized Inside with mine, outside as a citizen, this aims to clarify the highly criticized measures of this third confinement. Through 11 points, the Prime Minister thus specifies what can be done inside and outside in the departments affected by the reinforced measures.

No easing of measures for Easter

Regarding the part “Inside with mine” : the government indicates that one should not receive at home, nor go to others, and recommends airing “regularly” his accommodation. It is now forbidden to go out after 7 p.m. (new curfew hours), except for professional reasons or for an emergency. Under these conditions, a certificate must be completed. As for teleworking, it is made compulsory, “unless impossible ”.

Regarding the second part, “Outside as a citizen” : it is possible to go out until curfew (and without certificate) to the authorized reasons, namely work, walks, shopping, medical appointments, outings with pets, or even accompanying children to school. On the other hand, as soon as the distance of 10 km is exceeded, a certificate must be provided. Inter-regional and inter-departmental travel is prohibited, “except for compelling or professional reasons, justified by a certificate ”. It is advisable to avoid eating and drinking in the presence of other people, unless they are members of the household. However, it is possible toto meet friends” outdoors, limited to six people and always applying barrier gestures. Of course, wearing a mask and respecting social distancing are always required.

Moreover, and contrary to what had been decided for the Christmas festivities, no reduction of the measures is planned for the family meals of the Easter week end, next April 3 and 4. This is what our colleagues learned from BFMTV, from government sources.

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