Instagram: soon an AI chatbot. Here’s what we know

Meta quickly adopted generative AI technology and incorporated it into various features on its platforms, including ads. Today, the company is testing a new feature on Instagram.

A Tweet revealed that Instagram is testing an AI chat option for its platform. With this new feature, users will be able to chat with an AI chatbot to ask questions and get advice in their direct messages.

The chatbot would also have 30 different personalities that users could choose from to best suit their needs.

Once again, Facebook is copying Snapchat

When chatting with other people, users will be able to invite the AI ​​chatbot to join the conversation by stating their name in the chat.

The purpose and design of Instagram’s chatbot is very similar to Snapchat’s My AI. Snapchat’s feature hasn’t been well received, so it’s interesting to see that Instagram is following suit. Whether this feature will become useful or be quickly forgotten remains to be seen.

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