Instant Vintage: when Jean-Pierre Bacri revealed to Télé Star how he got into comedy in 1985

On the occasion of the broadcast of the documentary Bacri: like a family resemblance on Friday January 14, 2022 in prime time on France 3, Télé Star decided to bring out from its archives photos of the deceased Jean-Pierre Bacri, dating from 1985.

Iconic face of French cinema, Jean-Pierre Bacri passed away on January 18, 2021 at the age of 69.. On the first anniversary of his death, France 3 decided to pay tribute to him by broadcasting a documentary called Bacri: like a family resemblance, Friday, January 14, 2022 in prime time. For memory, the announcement of the disappearance of the actor had upset many personalities, but also many anonymous. Jean-Pierre Bacri had thus received many tributes on social networks after his death. He was even celebrated by the Académie des César, who awarded him an Honorary Caesar posthumously.

If Jean-Pierre Bacri established himself as an essential actor in French cinema throughout his life, the actor, however, was not predestined for this career when he was younger. Before embarking on comedy, Jean-Pierre Bacri worked as an editor in the field of advertising. “I could very well have spent my life in this universe if a friend had not asked me to accompany her one day during Simon“, he explained during an interview with TV Star in 1985. At the time, Jean-Pierre Bacri began to chain the roles, after having revealed to the general public thanks to his role in the cult film by Alexandre Arcady: The Great Forgiveness.

Jean-Pierre Bacri after announcing his career choice to his parents: “My father told me: ‘It will work'”

When I told my parents about my decision to become an actor, my mother lamented because she immediately thought that by doing this job, I wasn’t going to eat every day. My father, a retired postman, told me: ‘It’s going to work’. My sister Viviane didn’t say anything, but you can quote her anyway because she is a great painter in the making“, added Jean-Pierre Bacri. In the end, it is clear that the father of the actor was right, if we judge by the impressive filmography of the actor. A career crowned with numerous awards, including the Molière for best actor, as well as the César for best actor in a supporting role.

A slideshow produced by Isabelle Minard-Borde


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