Instant Vintage: when Michèle Bernier posed for Télé Star in 1998

On the occasion of the return of the series La Stagiaire on France 3, Télé Star decided to bring out from its archives photos of the actress Michèle Bernier dating from 1998. The latter is also on the poster of Syndrome E on TF1.

Headlining the hit series of France 3 The Intern since 2015, Michele Bernier is back in a brand new season of this fiction, which has been broadcast in prime time on the antenna of the public channel since Tuesday, October 11, 2022. In parallel, the actress also appears in the cast of the new TF1 event seriesbaptized E-syndrome, which officially launched on Thursday, October 13, 2022 in prime time. Michèle Bernier had already appeared in another original fiction on the first channel a few weeks earlier, given that she played the role of Alexia Daval’s mother, Isabelle Fouillotin the TV movie inspired by the Jonathann Daval affair.

Born on August 2, 1956 in Paris, in the 14th arrondissement, Michèle Bernier is the daughter of Georget Bernier, better known as Professor Choron and Odile Vaudelle. After having followed a theatrical training, the apprentice actress became known as a comedian in the Petit Théâtre de Bouvard on Antenne 2 (ancestor of France 2). After leaving this program, she formed a comic trio with Isabelle Botton and Mimie Mathy for seven years. In parallel with her career as an actress, Michèle Bernier has also distinguished herself on the radio, notably by becoming a member of the Big heads on RTL during the 80s. She then made her return to the show in 2014, when Philippe Bouvard was replaced by Laurent Ruquier to the presentation of the program.

Michèle Bernier: essential face of cinema and television

During her acting career, Michèle Bernier has acted in many films at the cinemasuch as : The King of Cons, How to flirt with all the girls…, Fucking love story, Head to slaps, The Pretty Heart, Long live the women!, The Cowboy, Paulette, the poor little billionaire, The Tenors, Cursed Grass, The Beautiful Escape, or more recently Farm Folies. The actress has also distinguished herself many times on the small screen. She has starred in several TV movies. as : Make the dust dance, Fallen on your head, Anger, Three girls on the run, Mum must be married, Bitter paradises, Don’t worry, Murders in Orléans and Born in silence, but also in some series. Before getting the title role of The trainee, Michèle Bernier was the headliner of The smala gets involved on France 2.

A slideshow produced by Isabelle Minard-Borde

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