Instead of gel nails: The pop on nails replace manicures from the studio

Even if it's lockdown, we wouldn't mind beautiful, manicured nails that look like they are fresh from the studio. Thanks to Naild's Pop on nails, we get dream nails in just ten minutes that last up to two weeks! And the best: with the code "BRIGITTEDEAL" you get 25 percent on the Naild range!

The most important things at a glance:

  • Naild pop on nails
  • Easy manicure in under ten minutes
  • Selection from 12 nail sizes for the optimal fit
  • Reusable
  • Lasts up to two weeks
  • With the code "BRIGITTEDEAL“You save 25 percent on your shopping cart Naild!

How can we comfortably bring a little bit of luxury home from home? The Naild brand makes it possible: In under ten minutes you can glue nails in your favorite color and the result for up to two weeks enjoy. But after that you don't have to throw the nails away! Then just renew the glue and you can pop on nails for reuse up to four times.

Glamorous, yet very easy to use: you are currently saving here with the code "BRIGITTEDEAL“25 percent on the Naild range. The Naild manicure sets are already available under 15 euros! They include 24 sizes of glue nails, a rosewood stick, a nail file and a special glue to fix the nails.

Pop on Nagel is applied to the thumb

© Naild

Gentle method against gel nails

As much as the result from the nail salon can inspire anyone who has already tried gel nails: the kind of professional manicure in the studio is mit high cost connected and does not leave our nails particularly healthy. In addition to the high cost of filling, gel nails can also damage our nail bed for some time. The solution? The Gel manicure from Naild conjures up dreamy nails in the color of your choice – and that in just ten minutes! Double plus: the application is much gentler, because the pop on nails are only applied to the natural nail with an adhesive. This is how it is Nail bed not damaged and inflammation can be avoided.

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Perfect manicure like from the nail salon: this is how it works

Choose a nail set in the color of your choice. The set includes:

  • 24 nails in 12 sizes per hand
  • Special glue
  • Nail arrows
  • Rosewood sticks

Choose the suitable size for your nail shape and size out. If the pop on nails still protrude a little over the cuticle, choose a smaller size. Now put a drop of the special adhesive on either your natural or artificial nail. Depending on how long you want to keep the pop on nails, you adjust the amount of glue. Now press the pop on nail from above for ten seconds. Voilà: the finished manicure lasts for up to two weeks and can then be gently removed. To do this, dip your hands in warm water for a minute. After that, the pop on nails should be easy to detach from the nail bed.

Secure yourself now 25 percent on the Naild range. Simply enter the code "BRIGITTEDEAL"In the payment process.

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