Integration into working life: CDU politicians: the unemployed should collect rubbish

Integration into working life
CDU politician: the unemployed should collect rubbish

Leading Union politicians are calling for the long-term unemployed to be obliged to sweep leaves or collect rubbish. “Support and challenge” is the right approach, says the CDU chairman of Saxony-Anhalt. Hamburg’s CDU boss Ploß refers to a draft law from Denmark.

Politicians from the CDU, CSU and Free Voters want to oblige the long-term unemployed to do charitable work. He was thinking of such a regulation for people “who receive benefits from the state and are not ready to integrate into the labor market,” said the CDU chairman of Saxony-Anhalt, Sven Schulze, of the “Bild” newspaper. According to this, the unemployed could sweep leaves or collect rubbish. “Encouraging and demanding is the right approach, which we also have to expand in Germany,” said Schulze accordingly.

The main aim is to “facilitate the reintegration of the long-term unemployed into working life,” said Berlin’s CDU parliamentary group leader Burkard Dregger. The chairman of the Free Voters, Hubert Aiwanger, received encouragement: Many long-term unemployed “could return to a normal working life if they were specifically made fit for the primary job market through charitable work”.

The CSU interior expert Michael Kuffer hopes for the unemployed “appreciation and a personal relationship with our community”. According to the “Bild” newspaper, Hamburg’s CDU boss Christoph Ploß referred to a draft law from Denmark, where the government wants to force the integration of immigrants with an obligation to work.