Intel Arc A380: disabling “advanced optimizations” reduces 3DMark performance by 15%


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July 03, 2022 at 2:05 p.m.


Intel Arc Alchemist Limited Edition © Intel

© Intel

3DMark-specific optimizations seem to have been implemented on the drivers for graphics cards Bow A380.

A few days ago, the first results of an Arc A380 card were surprising. Performed on different tools, they led to significantly different conclusions depending on whether we are talking about 3DMark or real measurements in video games.

Results closer to video game tests

The explanation is in the advanced performance optimizations » which can now be enabled/disabled in the Intel drivers. When the first tests were published, the drivers were used. Intel has since released as a beta.

Difference Intel Arc A380 TimeSpy © Videocardz

© Videocardz

These display the option mentioned above, which can therefore be deactivated. Optimizations that seem to only concern 3DMark, and again, especially the TimeSpy scene. The publisher of 3DMark has also specified to Videocardz that it was currently evaluating these optimizations.

On the drivers, it was thus a question of 5,757 points on TimeSpy whereas with the option ” advanced performance optimizations » deactivated, we are talking about 4,449 points. A drop of 22% that is not found in Port Royal, the scene ray tracing from 3DMark.

© Videocardz

There, the Arc A380 with pilots scores 1,854 points. It drops to 1,780 points with and “ advanced performance optimizations » deactivated. A decrease of 4% which proves that the optimizations are less effective on the ray tracing.

One thing is in any case certain, the deactivated optimization allows to have, under 3DMark TimeSpy, more coherent results compared to the various video game tests.

Source : Videocardz

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