Intel Arc: partners stop production of graphics cards, plagued by quality problems


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August 05, 2022 at 11:50 a.m.


Intel Arc A770 © Linus Tech Tips

© Linus Tech Tips

Clearly, the release of the first graphics cards dedicated Intel is anything but a long calm river.

Undoubtedly faced with various technical problems of greater or lesser importance, Intel is several months behind schedule for the launch of the Arc Alchemist cards. Today, however, the problems he is encountering seem to be of a different order.

AMD/NVIDIA GPU stocks to sell

If he takes the gloves off and carefully avoids calling the Alchemist project a failure, Igor’s Lab is not far from it, however. In addition to the many concerns encountered by Intel, there are now problems within the American’s partners.

Gunnir Intel Arc A380 © Videocardz

© Videocardz

Like AMD or NVIDIA, Intel has effectively entered into agreements with many manufacturers so that they themselves offer Arc Alchemist cards. This is how Gunnir presented its A380 Photon followed by ASRock and its A380 Challenger ITX 6GB OC.

The announcement of these third-party cards is a good sign for Intel, but things could dry up very quickly if we are to believe Igor’s Lab. Our colleague actually explains that Intel’s partners are facing a stock problem.

They now have large stocks of AMD and NVIDIA GPUs whose prices are only going down. It is therefore imperative to sell them as quickly as possible by manufacturing GeForce and Radeon cards… to the detriment of the Arc Alchemist models! Production lines have their limits.

Production issues for Arc Alchemist

A misfortune that never comes alone – in this case, for Intel – Igor’s Lab states that sources closer to the file talk about quality issues in card manufacturing. The site specifies that it is not able to give the name of its sources.

© ASRock

He is also not in a position to specify which card manufacturer(s) are concerned, but he explains that the problem raised has not yet been identified and that, in doing so, the issue of continued production.

For the moment, said production would therefore have been stopped, which is obviously not ideal when a few days ago we were talking about a release “ more discreet spread over two months. To believe Igor’s Labone might even wonder if output there will really be.

It’s hard enough to imagine Intel scuttling years of work like this, but the skies are darkening over Arc Alchemist. Let’s keep hope by remembering that this information has not yet been confirmed and that, perhaps, things are not so serious.

Source : Igor’s Lab

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