Intel confirms plans to launch Meteor Lake – its 14th gen – in late 2023


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January 27, 2023 at 2 p.m.


Intel Meteor Lake © CNET


In order to put pressure on its competitor AMD, Intel is driving like hell on the release of its new generations of processors.

Alder Lake in November 2021, Raptor Lake exactly a year later, Intel is now settled like clockwork after experiencing several galleys and chain delays.

Meteor Lake and Emerald Rapids in 2023

Swiss watchmaking precision which should continue if we are to believe the information obtained by our colleagues on the site. Videocardz on the occasion of a conference call organized by Intel to present its latest financial results.

Intel Meteor Lake © Videocardz

© Videocardz

Next to the big money questions, it is customary to talk about the company’s projects and in the case of Intel this went through multiple confirmations, especially on the CPU side. Thus, without it being possible to know if this involves the world of desktop, mobile or both, Intel insisted on the release of the Meteor Lake generation in the second half of the year.

The company clarified that the processors are “ production-ready “, in other words ready to go into production, but it is still too early to give a more precise window. With the lag that we know, Intel has also planned to release the Emerald Rapids on the same niche: it is Xeon more or less at the same architectural level as the Raptor Lake.

Lunar Lake and Granite/Sierra in 2024

In addition, Intel took advantage of this conference to advance its pawns beyond the year 2023 alone. Indeed, if we already know that its teams are hard at work on the Lunar Lake generation, Intel has confirmed that it was aiming for an exit during 2024 for this 15th generation.

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An outing about which we will not know anything more for the moment except that it will be the evolution of Meteor Lake. Alongside Lunar Lake, Intel is also going to evolve the workstation processor and after Emerald Rapids in 2023, we’ll get Granite Rapids there too.” during 2024 “.

Remember, however, that Intel is less punctual on its CPUs for workstations and that Sapphire Rapids, the release of which has been confirmed for February 15, is already a few months late: it was due to arrive at the end of 2022.

Finally, note that Intel has not returned to any of the recent leaks that may have concerned certain CPUs/GPUs. For example, there was no question of the Alchemist + which we have been talking about recently or of a hypothetical refresh of the Raptor Lake range.

Source : Videocardz

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